26th Jul

Rutger Hauer - Too brilliant to leave

Rutger Hauer ... Too brilliant to leave 

A while a go, on a cold and rainy night in Wales, on a film called The Reverend, I had the great pleasure to work with the legendary Rutger Hauer. A man with a powerful, superstar presence. I confess that I was a bit nervous, but also very excited, for the opportunity to work with such high quality actor. It was only my second experience on a film set.
We all arrived early and when Rutger found out that I had arrived on set, he came out of his private dressing room especially to meet me. He was so lovely and charming that I couldn’t believe it. He then didn’t want to go back to his green room, instead deciding to stay and have the "normal" dinner with the rest of us. He made our night. Time to film and while everyone was getting ready, we were inside of the car talking about silly things and having fun. Rutger's character was the Devil and I was a seduced pawn in his cat and mouse game with God. I was unsure on how to play it and he simply said ”Marcia, just do as you would do in life” and gave me that enigmatic smile of his. What a great day... well night. If I had met Rutger again, I would have thanked him for his generosity, help, kindness and for just being his wonderful self - a true gentleman.
Rutger had time for everyone.

I was not aware of the “Rutger Hauer Starfish Association” until now but I will be supporting this and I hope others look in to this great organisation too.

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