16th Apr

One Sheet - Marcia Do Vales

Big Thank you! to Thomas Francis Murphy, Michael Riley and Keven Kane for the lovely quotes… I deeply appreciate that you guys too time from your busy days to write an endorsement for me. It means a lot professionally and also personally.  Love you!!

"Marcia is very warm and gracious as a person. Focused and available as an actor, which is about all you can ask. They were long cold days on Quail Hollow and she never flagged."

Thomas Francis Murphy


“Marcia and I worked together on the production of Heretiks and I found her positive energy, upbeat attitude and  overall work rate to be a real asset. She’s a fun and capable woman with ambition, drive and enthusiasm”.

Michael Riley, producer


"...A dynamic, talented actress who becomes the characters she portrays..."

Keven Kane, producer



5 Reasons why you should cast me:

- Easy to work with and dedicated approach.

- Great at taking direction. 

- Experienced and professional actress, with formal screen training.

- Excellent team player. A great appreciation of everybody's roles. 

- Stage combat, extensive fitness and Crossfit training.

















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