16th Apr

One Sheet - Marcia Do Vales

A Big Thank you! to Barry Jay Minoff, Valentina Caniglia and Mark Sandell for the lovely quotes… I deeply appreciate that you guys too time from your busy days to write an endorsement for me. It means a lot professionally and also personally.  Love you!!

"With piercing eyes that have seen the world... and an aura of warmth and knowledge... Marcia do Vales exudes both strength and vulnerability in her characters" 

Barry Jay Minoff, actor


“The powerful performance of Márcia Do Vales unveiled inner emotions, grace, and talent of an actress whose professional acting skills knew how to dance with me behind the camera while she was giving a great interpretation in the movie Quail Hallow. Márcia is simply wonderful! - Valentina Caniglia AIC IMAGO & ICG local 600 Cinematographer 


"I have found Marcia to be a joy to work with. Her consistent enthusiasm and ‘can do’ positive attitude makes a big difference when getting projects off the ground. Her skills and dynamic approach are a wonderful asset as is her warm personality and her ability to be a strong motivating force within a team. Highly recommended.”

Mark Sandell, producer


5 Reasons why you should cast me:

- Easy to work with and dedicated approach.

- Great at taking direction. 

- Experienced and professional actress, with formal screen training.

- Excellent team player. A great appreciation of everybody's roles. 

- Stage combat, extensive fitness and Crossfit training.
















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