16th Apr

One Sheet - Marcia Do Vales

A Big Thank you! to Paul Hyett, Javier de Prado, Lyndon Baldock and Bethan Walker for the lovely quotes...I deeply appreciate that you guys toke time from your busy days to write an endorsement for me. It means a lot professionally and also personally.  Love you!!

“I have collaborated with Marcia on my last film HERETIKS, I found Marcia a joy to work with, her passion for what she does, her commitment, her hard working and tenacious spirit really comes through and makes a project a much more enjoyable experience.”

Paul Hyett, director


"Marcia is an artist dedicated to the character while committed to the cinematography. A force of nature with the appearance of a diamond"

Javier de Prado, director


Marcia has performed in four of our feature films and I would have no hesitation to recommend Marcia to other producers and directors. Her professionalism, both on and off the film set, is always first class. She is not only very talented but also a very generous actor.”

Lyndon Baldock, executive producer


“Marcia has an impeccable work ethic, which shows on screen. Totally committed to everything she does, she is magnetic to watch.”

Bethan Walker, actress



5 Reasons why you should cast me:

- Easy to work with and dedicated approach.

- Great at taking direction. 

- Experienced and professional actress, with formal screen training.

- Excellent team player. A great appreciation of everybody's roles. 

- Stage combat, extensive fitness and Crossfit training.















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