16th Jun

Rutger Hauer - a truly professional and classy gentleman.

A while a go, during the filming of my second feature film as an actress, The Reverend, I had the great pleasure to work with the legendary Rutger Hauer, star of the iconic movies The Hitcher and Blade Runner, as well as Batman Begins and Sin City. First, I was so excited about it, then when the day arrived I was really nervous and worried that I wasn’t at the level of Mr Rutger Hauer. When he found out that I had arrived on set, he came out of his private dressing room just to meet me before filming our scene. He was so lovely and charming that I couldn’t believe it. During the filming of our scene I remember Mr Hauer being so charming and nice that the scene just happened naturally. Rutger was also very generous with giving some great advice to me, which I've never forgotten. It was one of my great days on set. Thanks Rutger Hauer! I really hope to work with you again 
Here is an image of us behind the scenes.

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